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"Self mastery is the ability to go from vision to reality and to be responsible for it"




Semi-precious stones
act as talismans for
the participants.

Welcome to the Guided Journey to Self Mastery - the spiritual board game of life!The guided journey to self mastery takes you to the realms of new possibilities

Self Mastery Game spiritual party board game feature in Spirit and Destiny magazine, click to read articleSelf Mastery is a life skills tool - a personal therapist, a corporate coach and mentor that is at your beck and call. It is in the form of a non-confrontational board game that can be accessed by 1 to 6 people at a time.

With solutions as its main focus, this game of life enables you, through a series of planes, to explore areas of your life and business that you wish to examine in detail and improve upon. It helps activate self realisation and self transformation and identifies what the self desires.

As you move around and up Self Mastery’s physical, emotional, mental and intuitive planes in this game of life board game, you gain positive insights and directions that relate to your goals. The time spent on each level often indicates the proportion of time and effort you need to dedicate to these areas of your life to achieve your goals.

Increased confidence and raised self esteem are immediate benefits gained from your journey.

Sometimes, as you progress along your path to self discovery, the messages you receive may not make immediate sense. However personal transformation, broader perspectives and clearer insights will be acquired as you move closer to the end of your journey. The symbols you encounter help link and sustain your movement towards self mastery. More and more doorways to new possibilities will open up and provide fresh insights to the questions you wish answered.

    Invaluable guidance and Personal Breakthroughs
  • Have creative and analytical spheres work together instead of oppose each other.
  • Empowers group dynamics and highlights difficulties.
  • Help teams overcome barriers to their success.
  • Explores new paradigms.
  • Softens rigid outlooks and attitudes.
  • Lays foundations for greater achievements
  • Creates new outlooks and approaches to solving old problems.
  • Transforms challenges into positive concepts.
  • Moves you towards your highest potential.
  • Opens up honest communication.
  • Fertilises your talent and allows it to fully blossom.
  • Turns boring problems into exciting breakthroughs.
  • Allows exploration of alternative ideas.
  • Promotes interaction and open discussion.
  • Helps build trust within a group.
  • Builds self mastery.

The gems of wisdom found within Self Mastery® come from many cultures, from the modern and ancient alchemists, new age teachings, guides and first hand experience. The game creates a thread of unity that guides the player on their own journey of self mastery.

"We played the game for the first time yesterday and exceeded all our expectations and more. A fantastic tool for accessing both unconcsious and superconscious realms. I found the game to be very powerful, synchronistic and offering some very clear insights into dynamics, processes ahd healing resolutions. This is definitely a game I will be sharing with friends and students and playing over and over again." Kimberley Lovell

Self Mastery game doorway diviniation cards" The game arrived on Saturday.  I'd previously played it with a friend of mine and thought it was so good I wanted my own version to play with everyone I know.

"Thanks so much for sending the game so promptly - my friends and I had great fun with it on Saturday night and learnt an awful lot about each other in the process! A fantastic game and I will definitely be recommending it to all and sundry...
All best wishes

"I played the game with some friends the other day and was really impressed with the way I could obtain such direct guidance in detail.  I am a practising medium who very fortunately receive wonderful personal guidance, but this game gave me an alternative perspective that really opened my eyes.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for people to reach peace and happiness.